When you shop at a carpet store, you’re usually focused on which style and color you’ll choose. But choosing your carpet and making your purchase is only the first part of the process. You now have to think about how and when your carpet will be installed. Although this should be simple, not all carpet installation services are created equal.

If you buy your carpet from a big box store or chain carpet store, there’s no telling where your installer will come from. These chains contract out their installation services to workers who may be based many miles away. You may be left waiting for them to arrive at your Rock Hill area home. You also won’t know who your carpet installers are until they arrive at your home. This means you can’t check them out or read reviews on their performance before they’re in your house and on the job.

Now compare that to the service you’ll receive from Carpet Store On Wheels. In addition to the convenience of having a full carpet store come to your door for the ultimate shop-at-home experience, you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with for your carpet installation. We employ our own team of experienced, professional carpet installers. They’ve worked for our company for many years and we can vouch for their honesty, integrity, and credibility. You won’t have to worry about who’s coming into your home or the type of job they’ll do.

We’ll also keep you in the loop on the status of your carpet order. It typically takes us between five to seven days to get your carpet ordered, delivered to us, and schedule an installer for your job. However, sometimes we’re able to get your carpet installed within just a few days of your order. Regardless of the time frame, you’ll never be left to wonder where things stand.

Call Carpet Store On Wheels for trustworthy carpet installation with superior service. We’re always just a phone call away and serve the entire Rock Hill, SC area.